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Climber Reaches Top of El Capitan Without Ropes


For eight years, American Alex Honnold dreamed about climbing El Capitan in Yosemite National Park without any safety equipment. But whenever Honnold went to the park and looked up at El Capitan, he became frightened.

That changed last Saturday.

Honnold, a world-class rock climber, reached the top of the great rock wall in about four hours. He used only his hands and feet.

He is the first person ever to climb the 914-meter high granite wall alone and without ropes or safety equipment to catch him if he fell.

“I was pretty much elated,” Honnold, 31, told the Associated Press about reaching the top. “I was probably the happiest I’ve ever been. It’s something that I thought about for so long and dreamed about and worked so hard for.”


Honnold began preparing for his historic climb two years ago. He climbed El Capitan while wearing safety gear countless times. He tried to memorize every hole he had to hold and the positions of his body. He repeated the climb again and again, until he felt sure enough to try the so-called “free solo” climb.

The most difficult part of the trip is about 700 meters off the ground. At that point, the very small holds in the rock are only big enough for a thumb to fit.

But Honnold said the climb was more mentally difficult than physically difficult.

“Each year I would show up and it would seem just much too daunting,” he said. “To walk up to the base of the climb without rope and harness, it just feels a little outrageous. Getting over that side of it was the hardest part.”

Observers say Honnold’s climb has pushed the limits in a sport that requires a high level of physical ability, risk-taking and mental strength.


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