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Cheap Ways to Make Your Home Pleasant


Your home does not need money to be comfy. Here is what you can do to make it cozy.

1. Keep it clean and tidy

If you live on your own, your home is easy to clean and tidy up. It will be slightly more difficult to keep everything in perfect order if you have a big family. However, do your best and make sure your apartment or house is clean enough.

2. Use natural light

Rearrange your furniture and move the tables and chairs closer to the windows. Eating or relaxing in a room that is bright is always more pleasant. You can try and hang mirrors on the walls so that they could reflect the light. Let your area be brighter!

3. Create new art

Express yourself through being an amateur artist. Find your old family photos or children’s drawings and paintings. Feel free to create something on your own. Replace all those familiar pictures and posters with something new.

4. Fill up your area with aromas

Fill up your home with fresh floral fragrances or exotic citrus aromas. Vanilla and spices, such as cinnamon, coffee and almond will give you and your guests a real lift. You can also use special scented sprays and furniture polish. Add some nicely smelling balm when doing laundry.

5. Refresh your interior

When you are hoovering your rooms, remember to clean sofas and armchairs as well. All those cushions need puffing up. Remove dust and clean up the mess. Put attractive sheets and your home will look unique and individual. Mixing up pattern is a new trend that will provide additional elegance to your whole interior.

6. Smart tip

Which room makes you least satisfied? Spend one weekend and try to make maximum changes to it. Tidy up, wash the curtains, vacuum clean the carpets. See what else you can do to make it look nicer. Add a couple of accessories or simply repair and repaint the old stuff.


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