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7 Symptoms of Cancer You Might Not Have Heard Of


Cancer is a terrible disease and millions of people all around the globe are suffering from it. Scientists have been trying to invent the best treatment systems, pills and medications to help the world’s population.

However, there is too much to be done. Here are several signs of cancer that some of us ignore.

1. Skin Changes

Warts, moles and freckles are skin formations that can appear all of a sudden. You might not know the true reason why they appear on your skin. If you have any of the mentioned, try and see if they change their size, shape and color. If you do not know what the cause is, consult your doctor.

2. Fever

The immune system can be affected by a fever. When it happens, then the body cannot fight infection very easily. It may also be a sign of leukemia or lymphoma.

3. Pain

It is said that testicular and bone cancers can cause too much pain. You might be suffering from constant headaches. Treatment won’t help and this may mean that you have a serious health issue like a brain tumor. Colon and ovary cancer can make you feel pain in the spine.

4. Unusual bleeding

Lung cancer also has specific symptoms. One of them is coughing up blood. If a person has colon cancer, then blood can be found in the stool. Bladder as well as kidney cancer is often accompanied by blood in the urine. Finally, blood coming from the nipple may mean that you suffer from breast cancer.

5. Lump

Cancer can sometimes be felt through the surface of the skin. You can see it happen in the breast, testicle and other tissues of the body that are soft enough.

6. Hoarseness or Nagging Cough

Lung cancer may make you feel like coughing non-stop. The symptom does not usually go way for long periods of time.

7. White Spots in the Mouth

Leukoplakia is a symptom typical of people diagnosed with cancer. You can then see white spots and white patches in the mouth. Consult the doctor as soon as possible since it may lead to mouth cancer.


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