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5 Steps towards a Cleaner Home


Cleaning should be done on a regular basis. Only few truly enjoy tidying up. The process will be less exhausting if you do the things described below:

1. Water and Lemon in the Microwave

Use a microwave-safe bowl. Put a few slices of lemon in the bowl and pour boiling water over them. Cook the lemons soaking in water for 5-6 minutes. The steam will make it easier for you to clean the microwave.

2. Window Strokes

Wash your windows first and then clean one side with vertical stokes and the other one with horizontal. If you see streaks, you will easily understand which side you need to wipe more thoroughly.

3. Shoe Polish on Leather Furniture

Wax shoe polish can be used on leather items to remove scuffs and scratches.

4. Cleaning Toys in the Dishwasher 

Use your dishwasher to clean toys. Place plastic toys on the top rack and wash them as you normally wash dishes. If the toys are small, put them in a lingerie bag before placing them in the dishwasher. The bag will prevent the small items from falling on the heating coils during the washing process.

5. Clean Your Iron with Salt

Salt can remove all kinds of residue on your iron. First, set the iron to the hottest temperature. Then run it over salt spread on a cotton cloth, towel or paper. Do not use steam.


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