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20 Absolutely Evil Pranks That Would Drive You Insane


Pranks are often just a bit of harmless fun between friends. Occasionally, though, things can get a little out of hand. Indeed, each and every one of these next-level schemes has clearly been dreamed up by someone with a very loose grasp on the line between good and evil. It’s all too easy to imagine the unfortunate victims of these pranks tearing their hair out over the sheer madness of it all.


20. Missing stall walls

We’ve really no idea how the genius behind this prank managed to pull it off. After all, it can’t have been easy to extract every single toilet stall wall from this school without anybody noticing. And we can’t imagine the janitorial team had much fun replacing them all.

19. Waste basket balloon

Fair warning: if you have a habit of stomping down the trash with your foot, then you may want to reconsider that from now on. That’s particularly true if you have a colleague like this guy, who placed an inflated balloon in the trash can and covered it with garbage. The poor stomper must have been in for a shock…

18. Vanity Post-Its

Apparently, this prankster’s boss is “self-absorbed.” Hence, it’s only fitting that they’ve had his mugshot plastered over his entire office. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the veritable smorgasbord of color will no doubt drive him completely insane.

17. Door horn

This is basically the definition of evil. In fact, look up the word “evil” in the dictionary, and you’ll probably see this picture. After all, pretty much everyone who opens this door is about to have the fright of their life. Let’s just hope that they don’t have any pre-existing conditions…

16. Rearranged keyboard

Just looking at this picture makes us confused. Of course, if you can touch type, then you’d have an advantage in that you wouldn’t need to continuously look at the keyboard. But a single glance down would throw your perceptions wildly off-kilter.

15. Post-It car

Someone really committed to this one. Indeed, this pile of Post-Its surely took longer to assemble than it did to tear apart. However, there’s no doubt that it was all worth it just to see the expression on the unsuspecting victim’s face. And hey, it certainly added a splash of color to their car.

14. Cheesy soap

We bet you can’t tell what’s going on here. And that’s the beauty of this prank: the mastermind behind it has replaced their poor victim’s fancy soap with some equally fancy cheese. And it looks so normal that if it happened to us, we’d definitely be walking round smelling of cheese all day.

13. Microwave kitty

Alright, so more than a quick glance would tell you that it’s obviously not a real cat. But for a split second, you’d be absolutely mortified seeing this. Fittingly, the trickster who devised it lost his job as a result – and presumably went on to torment the wider world with his pranks.

12. Zip tie wrap

At this point, we just wouldn’t bother. Thanks for the thought and everything, but if you’re going to make the gift this brutally frustrating to get into, it can’t be that great. And we’re sure that whoever we decide to pass it on to will love it just the same. Unless they give up on it too, of course.

11. Shattered TV illusion

Yes, this is just a rather convincing – and hence equally reprehensible – illusion, created with a little help from our good friend Photoshop. But just imagine how utterly crestfallen you’d be to come home and find your expensive new TV like this. A truly remorseless prank, to be sure.

10. McDonald’s vegetables

We don’t think we’ve ever felt such intense feelings of disappointment, confusion and anger all at once. And this hasn’t even happened to us in real life: we’re just looking at a picture on the internet. That’s how horrific this prank is.

9. Office wrapping

Don’t open until Christmas? Great, that’s a few months off work then. You can’t do your job without your computer, after all. Until your boss reminds you that it’s just a bit of paper and you have to spend time getting rid of it all, that is. Then you’ll go insane.

8. Office treats

Then again, wrapping paper seems like a timid rib-tickler compared to this absolute gut-punch of a prank. Of course, you’d have to eat your way back to your computer terminal. There’s no question about that. But too much of a good thing will drive anyone insane.

7. Duct taped urinal

Any man will tell you that the state of the men’s restroom is usually pretty dire already, so making a urinal even harder to hit could only end disastrously. And considering how difficult duct tape is to remove, this is a prank that takes mercilessness to new heights.

6. Blind mouse

The troll face picture is just the icing on the cake for this deliciously evil prank. Indeed, the more frustrated the victim gets that their mouse isn’t working, the angrier they’ll be when they finally turn it over to reveal the truth.

5. Caramel onions

OK, we’ve all heard of caramelized onions, but we’re pretty sure this isn’t the recipe. Just imagine biting into one of these bad boys – you’d never trust food on a stick ever again. Yes, it’s these kinds of traumatizing memories that can really ruin the tastiest of treats.

4. Fake legs

This isn’t exactly the most resource-intensive prank going, but sometimes simplicity is the key. And apparently, it took a whopping six hours for someone to check what was up with this guy. That’s a lot of people unable to use the restroom in the meantime…

3. Soy cola

We can’t really imagine anything worse than popping open an ice cold bottle of cola on a hot summer’s day only to be met with the taste of fizzy soy sauce. And whoever was behind this act of evil clearly has zero regard for morals or ethics. Indeed sometimes things just go too far…

2. Balloon bed

We’re getting breathless just looking at this one. Yes – there’s an unsuspecting victim beneath all that. And there’s a whopping 400 balloons on top of them. Let’s just hope that the evil genius behind this prank had a pump to blow them all up or the joke’s actually on them.

1. Ceiling phone

Ever wandered into a room to find your cellphone’s been glued to the ceiling? Well, you’re already doing better than this unfortunate woman who came back to a situation that would drive anyone up the wall. That’s how you get to the ceiling, after all.


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