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17 Inspiring Living Room Decorating Ideas


A living room may be the first section that pops into people’s eyes when visitors come. If you want a stunning living room but have no design inspiration, here are 25 excellent decor ideas you can use for reference.

1. Nature chic


The house locates in a small village near Amsterdam. Danielle de Lange, a famous blogger, redecorate it and transform the style into a mixture of rustic-chi, ethnic style, and Scandinavian style. Danielle also puts a lot of natural materials and hand-made items in this house.

2. Romantic Industrialist


Dotted with brass, this living room balances the roughness of brick wall and the romance of pink elements very well. The solid rustic brick wall and dark floor are paired with soft whites and pink tones to create a brighter and warmer look. The material the designer uses such as washed linen, faux fur and quilting deliver a relaxed mood.

3. White and wood

A beautiful home is a place where you put things you love and make them match. An Indian sculpture, a Beni Ourain rug and a wood mirror found at flea markets and other things collected from different sources constitute this house.

4. Elegant glamor

Designed by Kelly Giesen, the 725-square-foot Manhattan apartment has a vintage chandelier and modern metallic cowhide rug intertwined perfectly. a faux fireplace. A flat-screen TV hangs over a faux fireplace, and the blue and white curtain injects some freshness into this living room.

5. Gray-tone Minimalism

Concrete wall and gray linen sofa can easily make the indoor atmosphere cold and dull, but it becomes warm and comfortable with a fireplace and some bright-colored cushions.

6. Chic bachelor apartment

The dark gray brick wall together with the metallic decorative lamps and shelves produces an industrial-style house, quiet but fashion. The designer adopts lines, metal, and armored concrete elements to add some edgy and scientific flavor.

7. Ralph Lauren St Germain Collection


This collection perfectly combines the rustic industrial elements and refined fashion chic furniture. Europen provincial features and rough-hewn materials give the space much visual texture.

8. Light gray


Marshall Watson designs the House in Florida, and he uses gray and linen as the main color and material. A 1980s Lucite-and-glass table gives a jewel-like feeling to this quiet room.

9. Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is minimalistic, cozy and beautiful. It uses white in large areas including wall, floor, and blankets, creating an atmosphere full of gentleness and elegance. All the unsmoothed wood furniture bring people near to nature.

10. Tartan and vintage

A large vintage theater painting hangs over a dark lacquered chest. Tartan elements are used in both the armchairs and the pillow cases. A pair of Silver faux-bamboo cocktail tables offset the heavy visual weight.

11. Bohemian style

The living room is designed by Justina Blakeney who mix Bohemia and Moroccan style. The patterns on the rug and pillows are typical symbols of Moroccan while the tassels and Pop Pattern reveal some Bohemian. The wallpaper, blankets, and sofa together form a unified monochromatic tune. The faux sheepskin, the only white element, neutralize the possible garishness brought by patterns.

12. Masculine tough

Brown leather sofa, hardwood floors, and giant Sputnik together creates a tough-style room full of Masculine power. It reminds me of Monica’s ex-boyfriend – Richard’s house in Friends.

13. Pink and purple

Designed by Williamson, this New Orleans house use pink and purple as the dominant tone. The Louis XVI wing chairs, crystal chandelier and the antique tiered sconce creates a romantic feminine atmosphere. The designer puts some different-sized frames against the non-working fireplace as a decorative element.

14. Industrial white


The first thing that catches my attention is surely the pure white sectional sofa which set the basic tone for this room. Instead of organizing them into a big bookshelf, the owner put books of different colors and thickness on the floor, making books a decoration too.

15. Monochrome

The texture is a key factor in a monochrome style house, as the designer Mary McDonald says. She showcases a palette of creams and grays to make every little element stand out. She also covers the custom-made chaise in linen and Reagan Hayes’s Henry sofa in a cotton velvet.

16. U.S Embassy in Spain

Designed by Michael S. Smith, this living room is U.S Embassy in Spain. The room is elegant and grand, blending traditional elements with modern art.

17. Industrial bookshelf

For people who spend much time reading and don’t need to greet guests so often, it’s a good idea to decorate the living room with a whole wall of books. The red chair perfectly lights up the room and break the cold darkness of this industrial-style room.

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