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15 Small Bedroom Design Ideas


Sometimes small bedrooms can have a stylish and bright impact with the right design. Check out these amazing design ideas to find inspiration for tiny bedrooms.

1. Built In Window Bed

This small bedroom has a built-in window bed with storage drawers and trundles underneath.
Painted in gorgeous blue, the design is well-suited for kids to sit in, lay down and read. Don’t forget to add windows to brighten the room during the day.

2. Loft Living


Loft living is popular nowadays. This small loft has the color of black, white and gray, which makes it both fashion and modern.

3. Botanical Distraction

Put a brightly colored piece of wallpaper or build an album art wall will distract you from the bedroom size.
This small bedroom also takes advantage of colors (white and green) to make the whole space quiet and artistic.

4. Clever Cabinets


No Space? Clever cabinets can solve the problem. Cabinets have been built into walls to save space in this design. Despite the sloped wall and distinct lack of storage, we can somehow have a good night sleep here.

5. Dead Space

Stop worrying about creating too many holes in your home and put a white floating shelf on the white wall. Clean and simple.

6. Gorgeous Attic Bedroom

Desinged by artist Erin Curtis and Aaron Dubrow, this small bedroom is just big enough for a bed. Sweet dreams.

7. Use Room Shape

The single bed uses the most of the room shape and fits perfectly into the wall, which leaving a large amount of floor space to impress others.

8. Natural Lighting

Thanks to the tall, floor-to-ceiling windows, this small bedroom appears instantly larger. The homeowner can also watch the stars at night, along with the dog. Pretty amazing design.

9. Mimic Sunlight

This small bedroom is designed and painted by Sara Bengur in Colorhouse’s Grain. She said “it makes the room feel like it’s bathed in Mediterranean sunshine.”

10. Scandinavian Simplicity

White, clean, simple. This small monochrome bedroom has the beauty of Scandinavian simplicity.

11. Lots of Drawers

The under-bed storage design for bedroom can provide plentry space for clothes, shoes, accessories and more.

12. European Elegance

With the classic antique furniture and an iron canopy bed, this small bedroom has the particular quality of European elegance. It seems to be the perfect guest room for a hoilday or weekend.

13. Wonderful White

Small bedrooms would look bright and elegant with all-white colour palettes.

14. Floral Wallpaper

This small bedroom with a floral wallpaper and antique furniture impresses us through a way of vintage charm.

15. Classic Stripe

Sometimes a classic stripe in bedroom can introduce a simple style into interior design.


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