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15 Best Kitchen Design Ideas With Different Styles


Food is deemed as the paramount necessity of people, so a beautiful and functional kitchen is important for a family when designing and decorating the house. Here are 20 stunning kitchens covering various styles for you to use as a reference.

1. Black Furniture and White Wall


The designer manages to make black and white, two striking colors, pair harmoniously and create a dramatic look. If we look this kitchen as two separate sections, one section is entirely black – the wooden cabinets are painted black, and even the fridge, oven and microwave are black. The other section is mainly composed of a large white marble island.

2. Turquoise and Wood


Wood material is widely used in this kitchen including the floor, ceiling, cabinets, and table. To break up the large area of wood color, the designer put angular chairs in striking turquoise colors into this eye-catching kitchen.

3. Navy Blue Mix


The kitchen has three major elements – marbles, navy-blue wood cabinets and border tile floor. Navy-blue wood cabinets and marbles together give the place a deep and calm feeling, while the black alternating with white border tile adds some fun without making people feel overwhelming.

4. Tropical Blue and Brass


The balance of brass and wood make this kitchen both elegant and earthy. Without any upper cabinets, the designed encases the refrigerator in cerused oak to make it look like a piece of big wooden furniture. By painting the island tropical blue, a visual connection between the kitchen and the window in the dining room is formed. Also, the scalloped kitchen hood made of stainless steel brings much fun.

5. Dropped Floor


The dropped floor design makes the kitchen feel expansive. White and wooden furniture agrees with each other.

6. Carrara Marble Kitchen


All-white cabinets, Carrara marble floors, and smooth steel appliances brighten up this kitchen. The cooking range is placed on the peninsula next to the bar, making it convenient for family members to engage with each other. The large graphic R on the wall is eye-catching and brings some fun to space.

7. Bright Colors


Most people choose to decorate their kitchens with dark and medium dark color combinations given that light colors get dirty easier than dark ones. In fact, light or bright colors don’t have to be banned from the kitchen. As we can see from the picture, painting the lower cabinets bright yellow injects new vitality to the gray-tune kitchen. The upper gray and bottom yellow agrees with each other perfectly.

8. Beige-gray Palette


Carrara marble counters go very well with the beige-and-gray tune of this kitchen. The cabinets are oak with Whitechapel hardware.

9. Black, White, Green, and Brass


The kitchen uses black wooden frame wall ceiling, cabinets and table as the main components dotted with brass lights, knobs, and chair legs. The black and white pattern tile floor adds some fun. The green cabinet door and the scenery outside the window echo each other perfectly.

10. Soft Gray

The combination of soft gray, white and walnut creates a soothing atmosphere. Three chairs with glass surface and brass legs add 啊feeling of lightness.

11. Chandelier for low ceiling


Gray cabinets and floor agrees well with the white subway tile wall. The wooden table and chairs with lattice pattern break the gray silence. And finally, the Arctic Pear Chandelier, made of glass drops suspended from the bronze frame, carries a strong impact and adds the finishing touch for this kitchen.

12. Ebony and Brass


With the white cabinets stretching to the ceiling, the whole kitchen delivers a clean and tidy impression. The use of Ebony knobs on the cabinets and bright brass pendants lights make the kitchen elegant.

13. Sleek Style Kitchen


The owner uses recessed lights above the preparing section to make sure there’s adequate light for the chef to cut and measure safely. The matte black cabinets and table go well the wooden ceiling, making the whole space sleek and tidy.

14. Glass Cabinet Door With Tile Wall

The dominant color in this kitchen is dark blue and white. By extending the glass cabinets above the door, the kitchen provides abundant room for storage and also visually amplifies indoor space because of the use of glass.

15. Urban Industrial

The Steel-wrapped cabinets suggest its industrial style, while the antiqued counters and the vintage accessories reveal the retrofuturistic preference of this urban family.


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