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15 Best Dining Room Ideas That Will Inspire You


Trying to find inspiration for dining rooms? Here we collect the best dining room designs for you to create a place you’ll actually want to eat in.

1. Warm Color

This dining room decoration applies soft colors to create a warm atmosphere. Generally speaking, colors like pink, lemon yellow, orange and green can actually trigger hunger. You may want your dining room to be filled with happy and sweet.

2. Wood Table


The flowers on the wood dining table bring the room with spring and youth. Tables are suitable to the chairs, as well as the dishes. Each piece of cutlery is carefully selected and has it’s own character.

3. Designer Furniture

Every furniture aficionado would be hooked on these beautiful pieces of designer furniture – the chairs, the desk, and the lamp.
Importantly, these colors work very well. Gentle cyan contrasts so well with the yellow and brown, which making the whole dining room really creative and artistic.

4. Industrial Design


This is when industrial design meets minimalism. Create a photo wall to display your art taste and choose the right colors to dominate the space (usually with black, white and gray).

5. French Style


The forest green chairs bring out the high-class fashion of this dining room, which also matching with the round lamps that hung from long cords to the ceiling.
This dining room belongs to a apartment somewhere in Paris, and the designer makes the project for his soul.

6. Homey & Functional


Designed by florist Anna and Dan, this dining room is the heart of their house. We love the mood here, the blown glass pendant, the paints on the wall and the soft blue tones.
They said, “We kept a lighter shade of grey/blue on all walls to reflect light and there is generally some sort of oversized flower arrangement on the table obstructing everyone’s view.”

7. Grey & Modern

With grey wall all over, the artist puts white hanging artwork to stop the color looking flat and make the room a striking contrast. And there’s a yellow, geometric rug underfoot to brighten up the space and add some nice highlights.

8. Cheerful Yellow

Yellow is the illuminating color of the spectrum, which makes it a great color for accessories. Besides, yellow is the best color to create enthusiasm and awaken optimism. The yellow chairs in this dining room are particularly eye catching, as well as the art piece on the wall.

9. Scandinavian Interior


The stunning Scandinavian Interior Design has spread all over the world. It’s best known for the simplicity, function, and connection to the outdoors. Besides IKEA, there’re more stunningly simple design ideas with Scandinavian interior.

10. Urban Lofts


With modern and practical interiors, industrial urban lofts can look really stunning. With the modern piece of art hanging on the white wall, the black dining table contrasts well in the space.
Two yellow chairs lighten the room with bright colors, and the lovely vase placed on the table is also attracting.

11. Modern Dining

Dining by the window can help us relax – the lush tropical greenery forms a beautiful backdrop. The desk and armchairs blend well with the color of the carpet.
Despite not remodeling our homes to get the look, we can purchase some similar furnishings depending on your budget and taste.

12. Natural Light


Let there be light. Roof windows are great choices to increase natural lights to the dining room. As you can see in the photo, the white windows fit well to nature.
With wishbone chairs and wooden floor, this white Scandinavian dining room has an excellent garden view.

13. Pop of Pink

Books on the shelf, bright pink rug, picture hung around the wall – making this dining room full of enthusiasm.
But the navy blue seating cushions and natural wood dining set keep the space from getting too hot.

14. Indoor Plants

Bohemian style carpet, bright white walls, and indoor plants make this beautiful dining room fresh and modern.
Green plants fit well with the wooden desk, and with teal chairs and red carpet, all these colors make a surprisingly excellent combo to brighten the entire home.

15. Magical Tablecloth

Sometimes all you need to do is find a nice tablecloth to make the dining room shine. These decorations in the photo are excellent.
I love the tablecloth, the flowers, and the fruits. Simple dishes and tea sets will impress if they are presented on a particularly bright tablecloth.


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