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12 Things Bosses Like. 12 Things Bosses Hate


First thing I did when I got a new boss was pull together a list of things to talk to him about. It’s an important step in your relationship. Mine doesn’t like Gchat or Google hangouts, he prefers email. Thank goodness I asked or I could have been annoying him right out of the gate. It’s very important to learn their likes and dislikes. Here’s my personal list of things bosses like and hate.



1. They like communication.
First think about who they are and their position when it comes to communication. But how they like to be communicated to varies by type, how often, in person versus digitally. Weekly recaps. Monthly updates. Schedule face time. (Google facetime) They like to know what you are working on.

2. They like when you anticipate the questions they might have.
And are ready with answers.

3. They like when you treat the company’s money like your own.

4. They like honesty and when you admit mistakes.
They don’t expect perfection and they will appreciate your honesty. Particularly if you point out you’ve learned a valuable lesson and how you will ensure it doesn’t happen again.

5. They like when you check in on them.
And make sure they have everything they need.

6. They like that you are paying attention during off hours.
You don’t have to have the answer right then and there, but you can take 2 seconds to say, “I’ve got it and I’ll hit it first thing on Monday morning or whenever.”

7. They like when you thoughtful and thorough.
Thoughtfulness gives you license to have a counterpoint to one of their ideas. They might not buy your idea and want to stick with their own, but they will appreciate your due diligence.

8. Most bosses like when they don’t have to micromanage you.

9. They like employees who are “doers”, organized and good time managers.

10. They like when you over deliver.

11. They like when you give them feedback.
They want to be good bosses. At least the good bosses do.

12. Be enthusiastic/passionate. Have opinions.
They don’t hire yes wo(men).


1. They hate when you haven’t listened to.
Take what they say and use that to inform what you do and how you communicate back.

2. They hate when you say, “we have a problem”, but don’t offer up solutions to offer.

3. They don’t like when you miss deadlines.
They like when you deliver early. Versus on time. It gives them review time on their end.

4. They hate when you aren’t prepared and don’t have all the information/facts.

5. They hate employees who can’t roll with the punches and aren’t flexible.
Businesses change and evolve.

6. They hate when you bring them new ideas and aren’t ready to own them.
They have a lot on their plate. It’s great to bring new things to the forefront, but be prepared to own and lead the idea once they’ve blessed it. It’s a great way to get ahead, too.

7. They hate when they have to tell you the same thing over and over.
If they are, then your job is typically in jeopardy.

8. They hate moody employees.
They like happy, motivated people so if you aren’t fulfilled then speak up

9. They don’t like credit hogs.
They like team players that can get people excited and working together.

10. They don’t like gossipers.
Who does?

11. They don’t like to see your personal life overshadowing your work life.
Yes, bosses understand you can’t always get doctor’s appointments or other necessary things done off hours and they understand you need to take personal calls during work hours, but you can’t let it overshadow the job.

12. They don’t like bullies or threats.
I’ve had people I managed try to threaten walking out. Bosses don’t like threats no matter how good you are at your job. I’ve never seen it work either. And it is something that sticks in the mind of a boss for the rest of your tenure.


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