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11 Black Celebrities Caught Whitening Their Skin


1. Dencia

is a Nigerian supermodel has made a small fortune selling Whitenicious, a skin whitening product that isn’t sold in the United States. She admits she uses the product and isn’t scared to promote it despite many black fans criticizing her for using it. There are plenty of other celebrities who try to hide it. Here are some black stars who have been lightening their skin for years.

2. Nicki Minaj

When put side by side next to her black friends who used to be the same colored skin as her you can tell she’s bleaching.

Her skin seems to have been getting lighter as the years have passed. Makeup and lighting are her excuses, but those things can only do so much. You be a judge.

A photo of her and her friend who was of similar skin complexion was taken side by side proving it’s not just lighting.

3. Vybz Kartel

The Jamaican artist celebrates lightening his skin.

“This is my new image,” Kartel said. “You can expect the unexpected. I feel comfortable with black people lightening their skin. They want a different look. It’s tantamount to white people getting a sun tan.”

4. Trina McGee

Black don’t crack, but it does fade with bleaching creams.

The once beautiful love interest of Shawn on  is now ten shades lighter.

When asked about her blonde hair and skin complexion, she said on Twitter: “Black does not crack. The new look is still 100% ME,” she tweeted. “No work done, just taking care of my mind, body and soul.”

5. Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sosa using a whitening cream before going to bed.

The retired professional baseball player for the MLB appears as if he ran through a cloud of flour. During an interview, he admitted he used cream to lighten his skin.

“It’s a bleaching cream that I apply before going to bed and whitens my skin some. It’s a cream that I have that I use to soften my skin. I live my life happily.”

6. Lil Kim

Lil Kim has been trying to hide her insecurities with plastic surgery and skin whitening products.

Her nose, lips and skin are all gone, and now she looks more white/Asian than black.

7. Nomasonto Mnisi

To was too black in her own nation, that she changed her shade of skin.

When she was interviewed about her new skin tone, she replied  “I’ve been black and dark-skinned for many years, I wanted to see the other side. I wanted to see what it would be like to be white and I’m happy.”

8. Tamar Braxton

Braxton says she has vitaligo like Michael, but everybody knows he was bleaching his skin for years.

The singer and TV personality are saying she has the same disease as Michael Jackson.

“Anybody with skin issues knows that that’s a very sensitive subject. And that’s why I’ve never shared that I have Vitiligo because I do. I’ve always had it since I was a young girl. It’s not as bad as others because everybody has it differently, but I’ve certainly had mine diagnosed. That’s why I tan. People say, ‘You bleach your skin!’ But I tan just so I can have a better tone on my skin, boo!”

9. Trina

Blonde hair, green eyes, and white skin, she’s hiding her black heritage.

The rapper has done everything she can to get away from her heritage. She dyes her hair blonde, wears green contacts, and bleached her skin three shades lighter.

When asked about bleaching she replied, “I don’™t bleach my skin! For goodness sake, I am a fair skinned woman, and I honestly like to look darker than I am. I love to tan and wear bronzer. I think it makes my skin look better. Plus if I don’t, then I can see my veins through my skin!”

Latoya Jackson

She was the lightest of the Jackson’s but she was never this white when she was little.

She’s not only addicted to skin bleaching, but also plastic surgery. She looks nothing like she did when she was younger.

According to the Jackson biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli, the Jackson’s have been bleaching their skin for years.

11. Diana Ross

Diana Ross is not the dark skinned black woman she was years ago.

The iconic black American singer was one of the first public figures to be accused of bleaching her skin. Instead of having that chocolatey hue, she looks more yellow.


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