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10 Smartest Celebrities And Their IQ


Have you ever wondered who the brightest celebrities are? So many of them appear to be successful, happy business people making large quantities of money; so in this atmosphere, it can be difficult to tell anything real about an actor or actresses’ knowledge base. What few people bother to realize is that many Hollywood celebrities are some of the smartest people in the world, with extremely high IQs.
Why do so many people manage to overlook the genius inside celebrities with IQ levels that could qualify them for Mensa? For most of us, extreme intelligence simply does not fit the generalization of what celebrities possess characteristically. This stereotype is deeply unfair to many actors and actresses that not only score impressively high on IQ tests but also have college degrees.
Below is listed that will help clarify the top ten smartest celebrities, their IQs, and, if they have attended college and complete degree programs, the specific degrees they earned in college.

1. Madonna

With an IQ of 140, Madonna’s uncanny knack to constantly reinvent both herself and her music shows how amazingly creative she is. Her many evolutions and adaptations have kept her career going strong for four decades. Also, she is known for being a savvy, smart businesswoman, so her intelligence should come as no surprise.

2. Sharon Stone

At 154, Sharon Stone is so intelligent she could be a part of Mensa. Blessed with both beauty, a knockout body, and brains to boot, Sharon Stone emerges as the perfect example of how wonderful inheriting excellent genes is. After all, now that you know this about her, don’t you find her even more attractive?

3. Dolph Lundgreen

Dolph Lundgreen’s sexiness matches his smartness. His IQ stands at a remarkable 160, showing that he got not only his trademark good looks, but also his smarts, from his parents.

4. Shakira

One of the biggest and most well-known world renowned singers, Shakira has more impressive things about her than her remarkable singing voice and beauty. Her iQ hits at 140, meaning that this gorgeous standout songster cold also qualify to join Mensa.

5. Steve Martin

As notoriously silly as he can be, the intelligence behind this multi-talented actor and comedian should come as no surprise. Throughout his many years in show business, Martin has showcased a variety of talents that are often aided by his smarts. At 140, his high IQ comes as no surprise to many who realize all his capabilities must be backed up by a strong source of brain power.

6. Nicole Kidman

While some may argue that marrying Tom Cruise must possibly be the least intelligent thing she has ever done, the Austrailian beauty has brains to match her good looks. Her IQ is 132, making her smarts a force.

7. ConanO’Brian

Some people might be shocked that Conan’s IQ is a very high 160 when he tends to do such a good job of acting silly and foolish. Know, though that is all just an act. He went to Harvard and graduated as the valedictorian in 1985 with hours, no small feat.

8. Geena Davis

Standing at six feet tall; the slim, long-legged actress possesses as much intelligence as she does height. Known for being pretty, pleasant, and funny, her IQ o 140 is just another one of her many fantastic assets.

9. Natalie Portman

Probably one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood today, Natalie Portman possesses a 140 IQ and some impressive resume skills. Not only is her intelligence out of this world, but she also got her BA at Harvard. One other amazing capability of hers is her knowledge of languages; she is known to speak at least six of them.

10. Ben Stein

Ben Stein not only has an impressive IQ of 150, but he also has an entertaining history. Many people may not be aware of the fact he used to write speeches for Richard Nixon. Stein also has an undergrad degree he earned from Columbia University with honors, and a graduate degree from law school.


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