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10 most beautiful wedding dresses in the world


We picked up for you the most successful wedding dresses of famous brides, which were the models for other to follow, and some of them are staying so until now.

10. Bianca Jagger

Tired from usual stereotypes ‘bout weddings, Bianca Jagger in 1971 decided to choose for her wedding with Mick Jagger white costume from Yves Saint Loran. If you think, that guests were confused, where is bride and where is groom, you just have to see pictures. It’s hard to imagine, who else can look so elegant in jacket tuxedo. As for accessories, she choose big hat with veil and… no underwear at all. Brave? Without any words!

9. Dita von Ties

That’s exactly who do not want to pass for a simpleton, femme fatale Dita von Ties. Her everyday suits are more like burlesque outfits, so for wedding ceremony, especially with Merlyn Manson, everybody was expecting something “extra”. Expectations were met: Dita appeared in violet sparkling dress by Vivienne Westwood and in a big hat by Steve Johnson.

8. Kyra Nightly

She was the one, who surprised people with her wedding dress more, than the most extravagant in-girls. For her hidden wedding ceremony, Kyra chose wedding dress from sisters Mallivy, which she already wore before (o, Lord) on 2008 on a party.  So what’s wrong with it? Dress is a dress doesn’t matter, how many times it was wearing. And she likes it. Plus goes for Kyra for brave and easy look on life.

7. Jessica Biel

Newly bride of Justine Timberlake, Jessica Biel decided to fallow Gwen Stephanie and Reese Witherspoon and also chose pink dress. Underwear designer was Giambattista Vali.

6. Reese Witherspoon

Beauty Reese, apparently, liked “Legally Blonde” so much, that even for wedding she chose pink color.  Designer was Monique Lule.

5. Gwen Stefani

Loving punk style, she didn’t not change her tastes even for wedding in 2002. For wedding ceremony with rocker Gavin Rosedale she chose silk dress from Dior with a smooth transition gradient in pale pink. John Galliano personally created this dress for Gwen, and it’s hard to imagine, that any other designer could’ve create something like this. Quite wired color for wedding, but it looks gorgeous.

4. Elizabeth Taylor

One of the most beautiful women of the last century, Elizabeth Taylor was married 7 times. Most of all attracts the attention her very first silk dress with a long veil. It’s price was huge, and it was a present for Elizabeth from MGM Studio.

3. Ivanka Trump

When you are a daughter of multimillionaire, the choice of wedding dress is limited only by your imaginationBut, despite this, Ivanka did not bump into a riot of frills and luxuries. For getting married with Jared Kushner in 2009, she had to make a serious step – she converted to Judaism. This religion required exact dress, and Vera Vong agreed to create it. And she was right: the dress was quite open and restrained, with a stunning long plume.

2. Victoria Beckham

She was miss Adams by that time, and for wedding ceremony in 1999 Victoria chose a dream of all girls – a dress from Vera Wang. Excellent sense of style again helped ex Posh Spice: the dress was performed classic, strapless, with a magnificent ballroom skirt structured by cream color.

1. Kate Middleton

This wedding ceremony was watched by more than 2 billion people, and, of course, the most anticipated moment was the wedding dress of the Duchess. Kate choose an elegant dress from Sara Berton, designer of Alexander McQueen. The bride herself was involved in modeling the dress, maybe that’s why the dress turned out to be so successful. Lace was performed manually, so dress look both sophisticated and regal.


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